4 Reasons Contract Filling & Packaging is Better than Doing it Yourself

As the creator of a great product, you should not be expected to know every single step taken in getting your product out into the eyes of the public. You are the expert in the conceptualization and manufacturing of your product— so let us be the experts in getting it packaged for you.

How to create packaging aimed at your audience

Think of your choice of packaging as a vehicle of delivery to your customers. For first-time purchasers, the container and design you use to present your product are crucial factors in earning their business.

How great packaging can increase sales

The way in which you deliver and present your product speaks volumes to a potential buyer. As the first point of exposure to your customers, good packaging requires a strategy and proper implementation, which together can lead to the overwhelming success of your product.

The Packaging Capabilities of SLC Custom Packaging

When it comes to packaging, there are a variety of options to choose from. Depending on your product, your customers, and your budget, the decision of which packaging method to use can be difficult. SLC Custom packaging provides a complete line of packaging services and a wide range of potential filling options. This product sheet will help you visualize your options and make the choice that is right for you.

The Benefits of Accordion Bottles

How many times have you desperately tried to squeeze that last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube as you frantically get ready in the morning? You know it’s in there, but it’s almost like the toothpaste company doesn’t want you to get to the last bit for whatever reason.

Questions to Ask When Deciding Which Container is Right for Your Product

Not all containers are created equal. That is to say, no one container is created to hold all products. Containers are designed and manufactured for specific uses, or at most a handful of uses. Thus, choosing the right packaging for your product is essential to ensuring that your product is useful and provides value to your customers.

The Digital Printing Revolution

One of the biggest pain points for so many businesses when it comes to packaging is and will always be one of cost. From a certain perspective, this makes sense - after all, you get what you pay for. Packaging is more than just a mechanism to get a product out to your end users as safely as possible. It's an educational tool. It's an invaluable marketing asset. It's something that makes sure the consumer experience happens immediately.

Essentialism: The Future of Packaging in 2017

At its core, essentialism is the idea that instead of bombarding the customer with everything from information to visual stimulation in your packaging, you should head in the exact opposite direction. We’ve reached an era in which what is essentially a limitless amount of information is at our fingertips — in the case of packaging, this is sometimes literal.

Advantages of Single-Use Sample Products for Tradeshows and Networking Events

Of all the marketing opportunities that present themselves each year, trade shows and similar networking events are still among the best for a wide range of different reasons.

How Automotive Packaging Trends Have Changed In The Last Decade

There are a number of different ways that packaging has changed over the last 10 years, and many of the reasons behind the change have to do with sustainability and green living. While that applies to a large number of industries, the automotive industry has been slower to adopt these adjustments.

3 Things to Consider When Moving To Flexible Packaging

There are many motivational factors for making a move to flexible packaging. A common reason is simply customer satisfaction. If you’re considering making the switch, you may be concerned with how your customers already view your products.

The Rise of the Fitment Pouch

Fitment pouches are spouted flexible packages that are rapidly growing in popularity for not only food packaging, but non-food products as well. The fitment pouch market began as a low-key, practical packaging solution to keep small portions of food from spoiling before their expiration date.

Should I Use a Contract Packager Or Package In-House?

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about this particular decision is that there is no blanket "right" or "wrong" answer. Only by taking the time to define "success" in terms of your specific organization will you find the best possible fit for your long-term strategy.

Top Benefits of Flexible Packaging

If you had to make a list of some of the primary concerns shared by everyone from purchasing agents, to CEOs, engineers, and everyone in between, packaging would undoubtedly be right at the top. Packaging is a hugely important part of any enterprise because it has to service so many different masters at essentially the same time.

Opportunities to Cut Packaging Costs Your Business Is Missing

Being able to operate a lower level of income protects your company during leaner times, which is something your competitors may not have adequately prepared for. A big area where you may be able to save money is through cutting packaging costs for your business' products. Here are some cost-saving packaging practices you may not have thought of.

The Most Effective Packaging Methods

Packaging matters. People who are purchasing products are looking for a specific item, but they also take note of the way that item is packaged. The color or design of the package may draw their attention, especially if it's very bright or if the design itself is something unique and innovative. Because people are so attracted to the way things are packaged, it can really make a difference.

3 Reasons to Keep Your Industrial Packaging in the U.S.  

With packaging becoming an increasingly important role in business, many leaders are looking to move their operations overseas in an effort to cut costs and improve their bottom line. While some may feel this is the right move for their business, there are three compelling reasons why they should definitely reconsider and keep their industrial packaging in the United States where it belongs.

Why Recyclable Packaging is Essential for Your Product

These days, many companies are switching to recyclable packaging to continue to improve a consumers first impression and to help benefit their own bottom line at the same time. There are a number of reasons why recyclable packaging is essential for your product that you can't afford to ignore any longer.

4 Capabilities of SLC Custom Packaging

SLC Custom Packaging is a business that has its roots in innovation and creativity. The company's parent firm, Specialty Lubricant Corp., began as a business that focused on its own particular brand of lubricants. It then launched the SLC Custom Packaging arm of the business as a way to offer its customers the ability to have their needs for contract filling met as Specialty Lubricant Corp expanded from lubricants to other areas such as paints, cleaners and adhesives.

Advantages of Flexible Packaging vs. Rigid Packaging

Packaging -- like nearly all industries -- has undergone a dramatic change with the advent of technological advances. As the use of technology increases, companies are inspired to explore more innovations in an effort to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of their customers. These innovations have led to the advance of flexible packaging whose advantages -- when compared to rigid packaging -- are making the former more advantageous than the latter.

Infographic: It's All In The Package™

The package is just as, if not more, important as the product inside. There are several factors when it comes to choosing the right packaging for a product. The color, material, and innovation of a product’s packaging can have a significant effect on the purchasing behavior of consumers.