Auto Lubricant & Grease Packaging | SLC Custom Packaging
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Our position as a specialty lubricant manufacturer coupled with our capabilities as a quality custom filler and packager allows us to create unique product solutions tailored to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

Effective, efficient automotive filling & packaging begins with a thorough understanding of the specifications. SLC has been pioneering new ideas for the filling & packaging of automotive and car care products since 1979. Our custom filling & packaging services offer the flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. From disc brake caliper greases to high end polish kits; we develop, manufacture and package high quality products for the OEM and automotive aftermarket industry.

Our state of the art filling & packaging equipment has been engineered to handle the diverse range of automotive products including: lubricants, appearance products, performance chemicals, adhesives and sealants. Our products and custom filling & packaging services include:

Custom Filling Services


  • Disc Brake Caliper Lubricants
  • Engine Assembly Lubricants
  • Engine Oil Additives
  • Dielectric Greases
  • Dampening Greases
  • Anti Seizes
  • Appearance Products


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