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4 Capabilities of SLC Custom Packaging

Turntable of bottling line at a lubricant manufacturing facility

SLC Custom Packaging is a business that has its roots in innovation and creativity. The company’s parent firm, Specialty Lubricant Corp., began as a business that focused on its own particular brand of lubricants. It then launched the SLC Custom Packaging arm of the business as a way to offer its customers the ability to have their needs for contract filling met as Specialty Lubricant Corp expanded from lubricants to other areas such as paints, cleaners and adhesives.

SLC Custom Packaging Today

While Specialty Lubricant Corp. originally offered packaging materials such as kegs, cartridges, drums and pails, its customers soon demanded other types of materials. Health and beauty aids, for example, — a segment that includes personal care products, healthcare items and cosmetics, according to Packaging Digest, prefers plastics. In fact, “at 61% market share, plastic packaging—such as bottles, jars, compacts and tubes—reigns as queen for cosmetics and other personal care products” noted an article that appeared in Packaging Digest, which states that it has been the voice of the packaging industry for more than 50 years. The fact that SLC Custom Packaging has been nimble enough to provide such a vast range of packaging materials to meet the needs of nearly every industry across the globe only serves to highlight their capabilities. Here are four more that you should know about:

1. Liquid Filling

With three filling lines dedicated to liquids, SLC Custom Packaging can meet your needs for custom packaging. Whether you are in the health and beauty industry, automotive industry, household & commercial and industrial and MRO, SLC Custom Packaging has the capability to fill your containers ranging in size from one ounce to one gallon. Paints, sealants, skin care, lubricants, chemicals, hair care and more can all be packaged using the liquid filling capabilities of this company.

2. Pouch Filling

When it comes to pouches — which go by many different names such as packets, pillow packs, unit-does, sachets, single-dose and sample packs — SLC Custom Packaging can meet your needs with various sizes and configurations. They also provide various options for customizing your graphics including flexographic printing that is of retail quality, simple ink jet code and basic hot stamp print. According to Flexible Packaging, “global demand for pouches is projected to rise 6.2 percent annually to $37.3 billion in 2018. Growth will be driven by consumer and producer preferences for standup pouches over more traditional rigid packaging.” SLC Custom Packaging is poised to help your business grow and meet these demands with its pouch filling capabilities regardless of the industry that you focus on.

3. Cans, Jars and Cartridge Filling

Spanning numerous industries — such as automotive, health & beauty, industrial, MRO, chemical and household — cans, jars and cartridges provide an unsurpassed versatility that makes them popular as packaging. Not only does SLC Custom Packaging provide filling services for various sizes of this type of packaging, they also stock a great deal of the components — such as PVC, fiber foil, polypropylene, brush top lids and more — that are needed to make them. They do so by purchasing these materials in bulk and then pass along the savings to their customers. This allows SLC Custom Packaging to provide competitive pricing regardless of the quantity ordered.

4. Tube Filling

In order to provide their customers with the best in tube filling, SLC Custom Packaging has invested in two Norden tube filling machines. These Norden hot air tube filling and sealing machines — which are considered the best machinery in the tube filling business — are able to fill HDPE, laminate, coextruded and LDPE tubes ranging in size from .25 to 10 ounces. In order to provide the versatility and customization their customers need, SLC Custom Packaging has an extensive selection of different head styles and caps.

SLC Custom Packaging is a forward-thinking company that is always on the forefront of the packaging industry. Whether you are a small company that needs a few hundred tubes filled or your company needs a much larger quantity of pouches fulfilled, SLC Custom Packaging works closely with your design team to provide the packaging you need within your projected timeframe.