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Industrial & MRO

SLC understands the unique packaging needs of the MRO market and provide solutions, experience and expertise to meet your industrial requirements. Our packages are designed and manufactured with the needs of the end-user in mind. This includes, but is not limited to MRO lubricants, adhesives, sealants, janitorial supplies, cleaners, paints and chemicals. We work with our clients to completely understand their current and future needs and offer in-depth expertise in turnkey packaging services, including:

The right packaging solution begins with the end in mind. Our custom packaging plant provides a complete packaging service supported with sophisticated filling equipment to handle liquids and greases. Our packaging capabilities span a wide range of plastic bottles, jars, grease cartridges, squeeze tubes, and polyfilm portion pouches. With the end in mind, we can create and implement a cost effective and more sustainable solutions tailored for your industrial packaging needs.