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World-Class Quality

As reflected in our quality policy statement, “We deliver high quality products, on time, through our commitment to continual improvement and customer service.”  We are ISO 9001:2008 registered, and our facility conforms to the FDA’s guidelines for cosmetic good manufacturing practices (GMP’s).  We have consistently received favorable reports when audited by nationally recognized Fortune 500 companies.  Our quality assurance staff is educated in advanced business practices such as six sigma and lean management. 

With each new filling and packaging opportunity we go through a series of steps to ensure the product we deliver meets your quality expectations.  This is called Advanced Product Quality Planning.  APQP is a procedure that aims to identify potential problems before they are realized.  Sometimes we merely need to determine if the desired cap fits the desired bottle.  Sometimes however, before committing to a project we will do a full test run and failure modes analysis.  Accelerated age testing is often a part of APQP.  If done correctly, this added step helps to ensure efficiency, quality, and safety for all parties involved. null

Quality Assurance Services:

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Accelerated Age Testing
  • Failure Modes Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control