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Packaging Design & Development

At SLC CUSTOM PACKAGING we firmly believe It’s All in the Package™.  In other words, we understand that the package is just as important as the product inside.  An effective package expresses the personality of the brand.  It must seduce and inform, but at the same time it must function as intended and meet budget. 

We encourage you to rely on our experience in custom packaging.  We will help you design a package that is aesthetic, marketable, functional and durable.  Here’s a brief description of how we add value throughout the design process.

First, we will fit you with a package that meets the application, whether that be a tube, bottle, pouch, etc.  Next, we will specify a size that is suitable for the net contents.  Once that is determined, we will select a material that is compatible with the product going inside.  We will perform accelerated age testing at no charge to ensure that the right material is being used.  Now that we know the package type, size, and material, we will provide you with a print template so that your graphics team can create artwork.  If you do not have an internal graphics department, we have relationships with freelance artists who can create eye-catching art at reasonable hourly rates.  When all aspects of the primary package have been determined we can advise the best way to retail your product.  We have many secondary packaging options at our disposal including blister cards, clamshells, and display cartons. 

Design Services:

  • Package Selection
  • Size Specification
  • Material Selection
  • Accellerated Age Testing
  • Art Parameters
  • Dispaly Options Design Services: