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Warehouse & Logistics

At SLC CUSTOM PACKAGING we understand that an order isn’t complete until it’s safely in your possession.  From the moment product enters our facility until the moment it leaves, we go to great lengths to ensure it’s integrity has been maintained.  All in-process materials and finished goods are stored on pallets in our temperature controlled warehouse.  Every pallet is stretch wrapped with corner boards and never double stacked.  Our inventory is bar coded and material transfers are communicated to our MRP system via radio frequency.

If you’re in need of a reliable freight carrier we have partnerships with local trucking companies who can provide cost-effective LTL and TL services.  We have even established milk-run services with some of our larger customers.  They ship us bulk product one way and we ship them finished goods back the other way.  We have dedicated trailers and docks for these operations.

Warehouse & Logistics Services:

  • Bar Code Identification & Traceability
  • FIFO Inventory Turns
  • Delivered Pricing
  • Freight Services