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The Most Effective Packaging Methods

Packaging matters. People who are purchasing products are looking for a specific item, but they also take note of the way that item is packaged. There are several reasons for this. The color or design of the package may draw their attention, especially if it’s very bright or if the design itself is something unique and innovative. Because people are so attracted to the way things are packaged, it can really make a difference.

For example, one-third of the purchases made at the store are made with consideration of the shelf location and the attractiveness of the packaging. How those products are packaged can make the difference when the contents inside the package are relatively equal.

Single Use, Tandem, and Frangible Pouches

Packaging influences the subconscious, helping the brain decide which product is best without the consumer even realizing it. That’s why it’s so important to have a package that will help your product stand out. Bright colors can work, but so can more subdued choices. You also want to make sure that the pouches your product are in work the way they should. Being sturdy matters because of the way products are moved and shipped, and the pouches should remain sealed and looking great when they get to your consumers.

Bottles and Tubes

Filling bottles can be tedious work, and filling tubes requires special equipment. When you have the opportunity to work with a contract filling company for bottles and tubes of your product, you’ll have far fewer worries as to how that product is going to get packaged. You’ll also reduce the opportunity for messes, damage, broken packaging, and wasted product, which can help you keep your costs down. So many products come in tubes and bottles today, so you want good quality packaging that can keep up with your competitors in both looks and durability.

Cartridges, Cans, and Jars

With jars from SLC Custom Packaging, both fully automated and semi-automated filling is available. Even small quantities of 500 pieces can be produced, so a new product launch can be part of a trial in order to see how the product does without breaking the bank. From lubricants to health & beauty products, there are many options for storing and selling items in cans, cartridges, and jars. These options are very effective, and can get your product noticed by consumers in a way that works for your company. State of the art packaging choices and a quality experience for the end user can also help you take your product to the next level.

Syringes & Single-Use Wipes

Filling a syringe is a precision job, and it’s an effective method of product delivery for many types of lubricants and other products that require a highly specific delivery method.  With a good quality syringe and pre-packaged wipes, your customers can feel confident in what they are purchasing. They will believe they made the right choice, and they will get their product in a way that works best for them.

The SLC Difference

Contact us at SLC Custom Packaging today, and let us help you decide what kind of packaging would be right for your next product. With 70,000 square feet and individual lines designed to fill tubes, liquids, pouches, and more, we are ready for all of your contract filling needs. Small runs of 500 up to any size run you need can be accommodated, and you can enjoy great packaging and the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job was done right. With SLC Custom Packaging, you’ll never have to worry about filling your containers with product again.