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The Rise of the Fitment Pouch

Fitment pouches are spouted flexible packages that are rapidly growing in popularity for not only food packaging, but non-food products as well. The fitment pouch market began as a low-key, practical packaging solution to keep small portions of food from spoiling before their expiration date. From this modest beginning, brands began to implement feedback from consumers about different sizes and volumes that would better meet their needs. This fed the demands of the burgeoning middle class in countries like India. In fact, the consumer packaging market in that country is “expected to be a $32 billion industry by 2020” — a trend that is mirrored across the globe.

Fitment Pouches: Blazing New Trails

The packaging industry forged new territory with its ability to combine innovative materials in smart ways to add convenience and brand recognition for companies while protecting the integrity of their products. What began as packaging materials, such as metallized films, polypropylene films and multi-layered structures containing combinations of extrusion polypropylene, biaxially oriented polypropylene films and other elements, has evolved rapidly to the development of what is essentially a three-sided pouch with gussets that allow it to stand upright. 

Ideal Food Packaging

As this form of food packaging’s ability to provide an ample and visible landscape for marketing grew, so did its adoption by the food industry in Europe. This popularity spanned the Atlantic Ocean as well with brands in the United States picking up on the trend. Given the continued emphasis on expiration dates, spoilage concerns and longevity of product, it’s no surprise that the fitment pouch market moved to other industries as well.

Innovative Packaging to Meet Today’s Demands

Fitment pouches provide an easy-to-carry package that allows consumers to feel confident in their ability to purchase a safe product but there is another element that appeals to brands too. These packages provide a vast backdrop for the brand’s message right on the packaging primes consumers for awareness and visibility. Growth in this type of intelligent packaging is expected to continue to outstrip its current parameters.

Food Isn’t the Only Recipient

Currently, the industrial sector is taking notice of fitment pouch packaging as an innovative solution suited to their needs. Oils, lubricants, detergents and other compounds that have traditionally needed the structural design of rigid plastic containers are now testing the waters of these more flexible packaging options. Fitment pouches provide many of the same advantages for these products as companies see for the food and health and beauty industries.

  • In addition to keeping the product’s integrity within established parameters, brands can experience packaging that is easier and less costly to transport.
  • Fitment pouches are more convenient to store and take up less space on a retail shelf providing the means for more visibility of product.
  • Consumers find fitment pouches easier to handle as well. Not only are they easier to grab off the shelf but their screw top makes using these products simpler and more precise.

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